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Clients are served by computer-generated software, and any disruption to the system can be costly for business clients. Customers will choose businesses that are quick to respond to their needs . They won’t be patient that a business is not operational for an extended amount of time. IT Support is a crucial element for a successful business. As long as the business providing your support is top-quality there is no difference in the way they provide support.

Many businesses have moved to the far reaches of the world for IT support for their businesses. It isn’t required that the techs be present in order to maintain their IT networks. This can be accomplished from a distance and it works well. The issue with offshore method could be the fact that people have legitimate concerns about the ability of offshore staff. While they may be proficient in the company’s language but accents can be frustrating. There are number of business to enhance profits but it always need an online presence to answer the quarries raised by clients, learn more about Business Cobra through online articles and an attractive website.

Offshore is more affordable and the choice has been made as to whether cost savings are worth the hassle. Offshore IT support is more beneficial and does not cause any language issues. In-house computer teams are common in larger companies. This is a costly method to get IT Support, however If it’s effective, there’s nothing wrong with the system. Any IT Support that is utilized by businesses, it should be available to assist the business on a 24 hour basis.

The business can be contacted to the site or resolve the issue remotely, but the response time has to be swift. It is essential that the IT Support must be able to address the problem in the shortest time possible. Be sure to are working with an IT Support company in place before a break in the computer service.

Writing business letters requires two kinds of knowledge. In the first place, we must be able to layout the business letter in acceptance form. We also need to be acquainted with it so that in almost every letter we write , we follow the format of the standard.

It is inevitable to receive an odd letter that, for some reason isn’t standard however, in general it is best to write using the tried-and-true normal way so that the person who receives it will be comfortable when the letter arrives.

The other ability includes the capability to communicate in a professional English and have the subject matter of the letter being divided into concise paragraphs, each of which are written in clear sentences. Ability to compose sentences, including simple and more intricate sentences, will ensure that every portion of the letter conveys the whole thought or a collection of connected thoughts.

This allows the reader to understand the arguments we have made in orderly steps, and come at the conclusion of our letter, with an full comprehension of our point of opinion on the issue or issues we have discussed.

These two areas need a lot of explanation. We can learn best when we know the rationale for the different practices that have been implemented throughout the years. Therefore, we will begin by examining the legal aspects that are associated with business communications.

Most business activities are of a contractual nature. That means that the two parties involved in any specific transaction are committing to certain obligations to each other and , at the same time, getting certain rights.

So the furniture maker who has agreed to provide a certain amount of their items to wholesalers enters into a transaction in which he/she agrees to supply the products that are specified in exchange for a option to get a payment referred to as ‘the price’.

When a service needs to be provided and the contract is the same. For instance security companies agree to secure premises using its security guards and special equipment in exchange in exchange for a contract cost. 

If there is a dispute the matter can be resolved through a court proceeding, by the party that is the aggrieved one filing a lawsuit against the other. To sue someone , you must bring them before a judge, to explain why you do not receive the justice you seek.

The judge will examine correspondence that was exchanged between you (including any documents such as memos, invoices or contracts and so on.) and make a decision on the case. It is the nature of law of correspondence that demands to be laid out in a standard format layout.

As there are good motives to enter global marketsand reap the benefit from the global market, there’s dangers associated with locating businesses in specific countries. Every country has its potential, but also the challenges that come when doing business with large corporations. Some countries with rogue governments might have all the minerals found in nature, however, the risks of conducting business in these countries outweigh the benefits. Some of the dangers that international business owners face include:

(1) Risks Strategic Risk(2) Operational Risk
(3) Politics and Risk
(4) Country Risk
(5) Technology-related Risk
(6) Environmental Risk
(7) Risks to the economy Risk
(8) Financial Risk
(9) Terrorism Risk

Strategic Risk: capacity of a company to take an informed decision to react to forces that create a source of risk. These forces can also affect the competitiveness of the firm. Porter defines these forces as: the potential threat from new entrants to the market, threats of substitute products and services, the intensity that competition in the business the negotiation power for suppliers and the bargaining power of consumers.

Operational Risk It is caused by the financial capital and assets which support the day-to day operations of a business. Machineries that fail as well as the supply and demand for the products and resources and services, the shortage of items and services, and the lack of a perfect inventory and logistics system can result in inefficiency of production. By reducing expenses, unnecessary waste can be reducedand process improvement could increase the time to lead, decrease variance and increase efficiency globalization.

Political Risk: Political actions and instability could hinder companies to run effectively in these nations due to negative publicity and the impact caused by the people within the highest levels of government. The company is unable to work to its fullest capacity to maximise profits during a country’s political turmoil. A new, hostile government could be able to replace the one that is friendly and thus expropriate foreign assets.

Country risk: cultural environment or instability of a nation could cause risks that could hinder multinational companies to operate in a safe manner effectively, efficiently, and safely. Certain risks to the country are caused by governments’ policies, economics security and political circumstances. The solution to one problem without addressing all the issues (aggregate) in combination will not suffice in reducing risks to the country.

Technology-related Risk: Insufficient security for online transactions. The costs in developing new technology and the fact that technologies aren’t perfect when them are combined with obsolete technology in place that result in danger when conducting international business.

Environmental Risks: Water, air and environmental pollution could impact the health of residents, and could cause protests by the population. The issues could be a source of damage to the reputation of businesses which operate in the region.

Financial Risks: It results due to the inability of a country to pay their financial commitments. The change in foreign investment policies or the fiscal or monetary policies of the country. The effects of exchange rate and interest rates make it challenging conducting international transactions.

Finance Risks: The aspect is influenced by the exchange rate and the flexibility of the government in allowing companies to repatriate profits or money from outside the country. Inflation and devaluation can also affect the company’s capacity to run in a way that is efficient and be stable. The majority of countries make it hard for foreign companies to return funds, which forces them to invest their funds in a lower level. Sometimes, the assets of companies are confiscated, which causes financial loss.

Terrorism Threats: These are incidents that could be a result of a the lack of confidence, hopelessness as well as differences in culture or religious beliefs, and/or simply a dislike of businesses by people from the countries of their host. It can result in negative attitudes, sabotage against foreign firms and/or kidnappings of both employees and employers. These gruelling situations make it difficult for businesses to operate in these countries.

While the benefits of international business outweigh the risks businesses should do an assessment of risk for every country, and consider red tape, intellectual property, corruption, restrictions on human resources and ownership restrictions in the assessment, so as to take into account all risks prior to entering any of the nations.

Professor. Sidney Okolo is a professor as well as a consultant, strategist as well as an Africa expert. He is an affiliated professor at various universities. He is the director of International Business Associates, a company that offers management consulting as well as the director of Global Education Support, an educational aid program.

In addition He is involved in every aspect of learning, knowledge, organization , and human transformation. He focuses on leadership management and entrepreneurialism, profit engineering, high performance, human capabilities, accomplishment and business strategy, as well as the development of research.

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