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Being an experienced illusionist and mind reader during over sixteen years, I’ve been to hundreds, if perhaps thousands of venues across the globe. From Boston which is where I am located and from Singapore which is where I am employed for a few weeks every year, and countless cities and nations in between. One thing that is common across every border is the constant inexperience that the customer is faced with when scheduling live entertainment. This is also true for entertainment of all kinds. (e.g magicians, jugglers, clowns, etc. ).

It is possible to forgive (to some extent) because the vast majority of people have never scheduled live entertainment previously and are naive about how it is carried out. They can be made to feel sorry for themselves and then kindly directed by the entertainer on how smooth process could be. But, if you, as an entertainer, work with a skilled booker (e.g an employee of an organization that arranges every small and large event) There is no reason to excuse inadequate booking procedures.

After speaking to several entertainer acquaintances from various genres of entertainment, we’ve put together the guidelines that every potential client must know prior to hiring professional entertainment.

You’re looking to book entertainment for your event or event or anniversary. Graduation or anniversary, etc. Whatever it is you’ll want to add some spice to the event with entertainment that is live and entertaining! The first thing to know is that entertainers of every kind, such as fire eaters, magicians or live bands, require time to plan their performances. We usually create our shows to coincide with your special event. this can take some time and can be reflected into the cost of the show.

It is recommended to provide at least three to four weeks’ notice for a performer prior to making an appointment. This is my preferred period for me. other performers need much earlier notice, and some may have an event booked with just two days notice. It is contingent on the schedule, current scheduling and flexibility, and, of obviously, on the performance (or her). Our schedules are extremely bizarre and completely non-traditional. you can find gigs at any time of the night, during the day and into late mornings. Please note:

If you contact a performer day or two, three or four days prior to your occasion, they’ll likely be charged a bit more due to the shorter notice. It can take some time and effort to create an event that is memorable by creating custom routines like I do, putting together an entertainment set-list, or obtaining required permits or licenses for more risky acts such as fire eating or sideshow stunts.

The entertainment you hire for your event will make your guests feel more comfortable. It doesn’t matter if it’s a live band or DJ, caricaturist or magician. Live shows offer a truly memorable experience that guests can be able to share with their families and friends as they leave. You need to figure out the kind of entertainment that is most appropriate for your occasion. For instance:

If you’re planning to get married in a golf course. with 200 attendees and a traditional setting (cocktail hour, buffet dinner dance, speeches, etc. ) If you’re hosting a traditional wedding, then you’ll be looking to determine the best place and when entertainment is appropriate. If you’re interested in performing magic and mind-reading, which are extremely frequent at weddings, it’s advised to incorporate it into the cocktail reception . This is known as “strolling” or “walk-around.” This is when the magician walks around your reception performing small, close-up tricks and routines to tiny groups of attendees.

This gives guests a more intimate experience that is often lost with an entire performance. It also helps break up the monotony of these segments of the show. Magic or mind reading, or even the occasional light tune could really add a new dimension. Get a clear idea of the type of event you’re planning, sketch out your idea, and then consider what makes it most sense.

Perhaps a full-length comedy mind reading program after an all-day corporate retreat? Perhaps you’re celebrating the birthday of your child and you want something to keep the guests entertained? A balloon and children’s magic show is a great choice in this case. Read my previous article about Magic & Mind Reading for Adults as opposed to. Magic for Children, for more details.

This is certainly one of the most crucial aspects that any prospective entertainment buyer must be aware of. It is important to know that every entertainer, no regardless of their beliefs, will charge differently. A fire eater is charged differently than a juggler or clown. Mentalists will be charged differently than a magician, and stilt walker. It is based on the way they regard their time and their expertise.

At a minimum, you should have an concept of what you’re hoping for in entertainment. Don’t be afraid to ask a performer if will stay in your financial budget. Be realistic and think about the event and the type of impression that you wish your guests to bring with them home and then try to come up with an idea of what you’d like to invest in achieving the desired image. We won’t be insulted by putting a price on your budget. We’ll just refuse to speak with you in a polite manner or recommend someone to manage your budget.

Entertainers are usually friends and bounce around quite some. We usually know the prices our competitors and friends are charging. The more unique the style of performing and the more unique the performance, the less performers. If you’re able to afford $200 to pay for a full-length hypnosis show, you might be interested in a different method of entertainment. The majority of hypnotists stay at home with less than the triple amount. If you’ve got $5,000 to spend on entertainment, you’re in an entirely different category of entertainers. Further details on that to come later.

The Country Club – always is a favorite spot for a walk in the park, and mind reading or even a complete show. Most people dress well with formal dinners, and searching for the most sophisticated type of entertainment. This is not the most appropriate location for a chainsaw juggler.

Usually dedicated to bachelor/bachelorette parties, adult birthdays, company buy-outs, holiday parties and practically any event you’d book to have some serious fun! Most of the time, it’s busy, loud and there’s a lot of alcohol flowing. This isn’t the best occasion to host the palm reader or an entire magic show. Instead, consider an evening of strolling entertainment and live music or even a dance troupe.

Most likely the most popular venue for family celebrations including graduations, birthdays, and private holidays. It’s not a place where you’ll see the same amount of excitement similar to what you’d see in a nightclub. The events are typically packed with families, friends and kids. Everyone is well-connected is comfortable and doesn’t mind having a laugh occasionally. It’s a great time to hire the services of a professional hypnotist! Or even personal tarot readings. It’s definitely a good time to have an experience of mind reading.

The idea is to maximize your space to its fullest potential. Imagine the scene in your head using the entertainment that you envision in your mind. If you think it’s possible take it on. It’s likely that you’re right!

As performers, we do our best to deliver the highest quality entertainment with the best value. Prices vary and vary in relation to the entertainment we provide and where we are located as well as the equipment we need to move and so on. Customers need to know that there’s a lot more to the booking process on our side than you imagine.

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This could involve arranging our materials, writing contracts or invoices, as well as riders, travelling there and back to the venue as well as setting up and dismantling and packing up at home; taking it all out at home; setting our equipment, sending emails; calling calls, making changes to schedules as well as social media and many more.

What customers see is just a tiny fraction of the tasks that performers complete in a single booking. The rest of it is incorporated into the fees we charge. Keep this in mind when you are in the northern part of Maine and you are really interested in the face-painting artist who hails from New Jersey at your party.

However, just because you can price shop doesn’t mean that you’ll have the best show at the lowest cost. In addition, the most expensive artist isn’t necessarily better than one who is charging half or less. The choice you make should be determined by recommendations, referrals as well as your skillset and budget.

It is not for everyone to hire Aerosmith. Let’s say, for instance, you’re looking to hire a children’s magician for your birthday celebration. For New England, the rough cost of booking is between $250 and $500 for an hour-long show. It is also possible to include additional features such as balloon animals, teach-a-tricks, or even magic bags.

If you’re receiving offers for $100 or less! you need to be aware of what you’re buying. Check out videos, talk to past customers, and check whether they have a good websites and marketing materials, etc.. Make sure you do your research! You wouldn’t buy 100 socks for $1.00 do you?

This can be a challenging area for buyers. Many entertainers especially those just beginning their careers, will fill their resumes with names to attract attention. Of course, in many cases, they’re not completely correct. This doesn’t mean that they’re not great performers, they’re just trying to make a name for themselves. However, the majority of the professionals on the market have impressive resumes that are 100 100% legitimate. It’s easy to tell by an observation of who’s at the top and who’s not.

The most effective way to determine if you are a good fit is by looking up testimonials, recommendations videos, reviews and video demonstrations. Every magician or mentalist worth his name will share an online video that shows a small portion of their show as an teaser.

This is the most impactful material that can make an audience go crazy. I’d be wary of any performer who doesn’t possess at least one type of footage even low-quality one. We’re in 2014, after all. we all are using smartphones with cameras that are better than cameras on handhelds just a few years prior.

I’ve discovered that the best method of booking events is via word-of-mouth or my website that has links to my channel on YouTube.

Like referrals in contrast to. resumes, this is difficult to define properly. In a nutshell the real worth of a performer’s performance is determined by the following factors: the quality of his or her performance and behavior (courteous and respectful of client wants, friendly, but not unpleasantly friendly or too familiar and so on. ) as well as the style of dress and the uniqueness of the show.

This is just a few examples , and they include several other aspects which you’ll observe once you’ve hired entertainment. It is important to note that price was not an element of the total value. The amount a performer is required to pay for an event is based upon the arguments I made in the previous paragraph, and point 6.

It is not possible to determine the worth of the artist until you’ve engaged the person to perform. The perception of worth is the thing we determine when we check out the artist’s bio, website, pictures video and social media profiles, and so on. We decide if we like the artist within the first few minutes and usually earlier.

It’s important to know that the perception of value could completely derail your efforts. There are artists who have spent thousands on high-quality sites, marketing materials such as search engine optimization as well as promotional video, however when you actually see them live, you’re immediately struck by how awful they appear.

This is a common occurrence particularly among the young Generation of artists. Software for video editing and the perfect keyboardist can make anyone appear stunning. Don’t think that the value you see in the performer decide the choice of whether or not hire them. Make use of this information to refer to what you could (not always) be expecting when the show commences.

Concentrate on reviews, referrals (from actual people) as well as media articles as well as recommendations from family or friends who might have booked shows previously. The most effective advertising strategy for a performer is word of mouth!

Ask any performer how often they’ve been offered “great publicity” in exchange to perform for free. This is a common occurrence often. Personally, I am requested to do a free show, at least once per week. Nine times out of ten, I must decline the opportunity. Performers who are just starting out could take the booking, even if it’s not paid.

They’re seeking “flight-time” or time in front of an crowd to practise, practice their material , and become comfortable within their area. This is totally appropriate and ought to be offered for new or young performers. But an entertainer who is professional such as a mentalist, magician or juggler, or even a human blockhead, is likely to not be willing to give a free performance as a reward for an ad within the newspaper, publicity for free or even free food.

Most of us perform in full-time jobs. We are solely performers, and we want to be compensated for our time just as you would expect to get paid for the place you perform. You’ll probably be rude to the performer when you offer them advertising in exchange for cash that they can use to pay their bills or buy food. In the end, you’ve have found us, so the promotion is already in place, right?

In the case of donations the situation is a different tale. It is at least my experience. It is important to note that I’m not speaking on behalf of ALL people working. Every person is unique and has different ways of structuring their business. Certain performers might not be in agreement with the ideas presented in this post, and that’s perfectly acceptable! Contributing our time to causes is something which we feel great pride.

Each year, I give at minimum 10 hours of my time for various charitable organizations around New England. They are the ones that are close to me, like the American Cancer Society, Horizons for Homeless Children and The American Red Cross. I enjoy donating my time and energy to these organizations and playing a small role of making the difference. We entertainers are filled with emotion and big hearts . We are thrilled to see the smiles on the faces of people who might be depressed or suffering.

Be aware of the situation when you offer your event or performance to an artist with the smallest amount or none at all. If it’s a cause we believe in and are able to spare time on our schedules, then we would be thrilled to offer it. If not, not take it personal and be aware that we have to be as productive and earn the most feasible to continue offering education to all over the globe.

The mundane details of booking many documents, agreements and invoices that nearly all performers require are crucial to the quality of their performance. Contracts are a must for performers to have and we’ll utilize for everything from the smallest to the biggest occasion.

Many of us have experienced “being burned” on bookings due to the lack of written agreements in place. We can learn quickly (well we do for the most part) and then apply the policy of the contract to ALL bookings, including the time-based bookings that are donated. Don’t be offended when your child’s magician demands the signing of a contract to perform.

We keep meticulous records of each project we undertake. Emails, invoices and contracts are all vital elements for taxes as well as for marketing strategies and overall security. Personally, I require an invoice, contract along with a performance-related rider to my show. A majority of the provisions in my agreements don’t have to be applied to every show. However, the majority times they will apply.

If we request an area to sit at or plugs to be plugged in and windows shut, or we’re in shade when performing outdoors be aware of these aspects that determine the overall quality and effectiveness of our performance. We’re able to perform at all locations under the most favorable conditions, however some entertainers are not permitted to perform inside without a valid license (such those who work with dangerous or explosive objects) or outside in a tent without a waterproof space.

In essence, it’s common normal. The DJ you chose to DJ your daughter’s wedding may not be able to sit in the middle of the day for five hours, with many extension cords across your event. Be prepared and your wedding is sure to be a great success!

I’m sure I’ve covered this before, however it’s vital to be aware of what you’re paying for when you book an entertainer. Keep in mind that we’ve spent many years working on our craft to look perfect when the time comes to perform. A lot of us live away from your venue , and need to travel a considerable distance to reach the show.

I personally travel around 35,000 miles per year to perform and fly around forty thousand miles. We are spending a lot of time in the airport, in cars, and on traffic! The fees we charge are formulated by us based on the value we think our performances are worth. This includes years of training, the transport between the venue and home and everything we do prior to the event as well as the kind of event is it, and how well-known and sought-after we are. Cheaper does NOT mean better!

I’d say I’ve waited for about two years of days to be paid for certain occasions. It’s not the case anymore. It’s not acceptable for a performer to be held up more than agreed time for payment. As I mentioned earlier that we are full-time entertainers, and expect to be paid prior or right after the performance.

The shows we perform are each unique performances and no show is exactly the identical (at the very least, as mentalist). Therefore, what you’re receiving is an experience that’s unique. One way to look at it this way is Imagine that you had to work for a whole week and your boss told you “Sorry, but would it be okay if we paid you in three weeks for this week?” You’d probably drop your sh*t. This is the way we feel when we are waiting to be paid for our services. We showed up punctually, completed the task well, and performed with professionalism We anticipate being paid accordingly.

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