A Thought: The Changing Face of Humankind!

At most times throughout the last couple of months it gets unbearable for the humans. From where the hell this unique virus has sprung up and why? First part of the question is answered readily enough: it’s a novel strain of the present Coronavirus and it has proved to be extremely infectious, focusing or rather specializing Liberty dimensions on human-human transmission. As to the’why’ it’s very complicated, and correct answers might never ever be found. Before thinking about  self-assessments that part let’s enter another’why’. Why has it athleticism picked the most vital parts of the human anatomy-the Face, with its own constituent profiles of the mouth EXUBERANCE and the nostrils, and the pair of palms that obeys all of the basic commands of the humans?It’s said that surplus or too much of anything is bad for well-being and health. So, as to the’why’ explanation it could be said that, basically, the virus aims at teaching humankind a terrible lesson for each of their misdeeds, particularly before, possibly, two centuries. That it’s chosen the face usually means that the mouth, the main organ for exuberance communication, has mostly been responsible for a lot of the misdeeds: too much of misinformation; also much of propaganda; also much of agenda; too much quarrels from the petty ones to the most catastrophic ones; too much of ingesting; and also much of biting others. The nostrils or rather to nose, meant essentially for breathing to reside, has largely been responsible for smelling too far into every thing and dangerous nosing around in the affairs of others. And the palms, the resources for all the manual and physical actions have mostly been responsible for activities done in close association with the aforementioned stakeholders, together with, of course, the supreme authority of the gray cells, housed in the skull that, in fact, defines the contours of the face.In the process, we’ve explained the philosophical’the reason’, though partially. The’instructing a terrible lesson’ could be upheld because the’action taken’ of this Authority controlling humankind through an imperceptible remote. Super clever of this Authority not to resort to the intricate cosmos annihilation strategy that implied total destruction rather than committing more time into the earthy souls to learn from mistakes. Therefore, It has decided to take the much easier option of just changing the strain of an present virus, but thereby inflicting the maximum and the most humiliating damage. Isn’t it clearly displayed by the people across the world?The activities of the inflicted stakeholders are severely restricted, which makes it restricted only to the insides of the homes: you can start your mouth to indulge in communication or abuse or propaganda simply to the nearest members of your household; you could go on eating the monotonous dishes, house being the sole service provider and the ambiance; you cannot attend social/political/cultural/multinational parties where you consistently appreciated the variety as well as the exotic quality of the dishes: you grumblingly overlook physically confronting your friends/accomplices/neighbours/others in the marketplaces or even the clubs or the offices/banks/business places or the shopping complexes; you cannot go out for your physical theater halls or the multipurpose auditoriums; handshake has turned into a previous pastime; you cannot even breathe freely outdoors; you’ve deprived of so many legal/illegal/evil/good/illicit tasks your hands are capable of doing and the most powerful ones too, unable to pander to their standard tasks in full glory.But, humankind can’t be made fool-proof in respect of wrongs and evil, even from the Authority. Being restricted to the four walls, sometimes quite congested and unhealthy, the dominant men, especially in a patriarchy like India, are becoming putrid-malevolent directly leading to the increasing domestic violence. On the other hand, confinement to house and also the kitchen for weeks the female segment has also become suffocated, frustrated, mad and neurotic, frequently bursting into avoidable rants. Essentially speaking, conjugal bliss, state’peace’ to become romantic, is determined by the idea of’mutual relief’ meaning that, kind of signed into a life partnership, spouses require a break from each other’s eternal company. Now, the most of the men not going to females and office not able to go out shopping or dining this main’mutual relief’ is being denied to both of the stakeholders, contributing to increasing stress, anxiety, quarrels and violence.On the flip, smart humanity has discovered the means of eking out a virtual presence in terms of the internet and the social websites to indulge in some of their pastimes like misinformation or propaganda or gossip or some productive things too on the positive side, to some extent. But, the continuous lack of this key’physicality’ makes it unbearable for many stakeholders. Their patience has been fast running out using all the disturbing reports that the virus is here to stay for quite a while, with no solution in sight for the near future. The philosophical ones that are used to the idea of’maya or illusion’ of earthly presence are also seriously perturbed, trying to differentiate between the existential’virtual reality’ and the existential’reality’, with no replies in the bargain.For that reason, it can be safely surmised that the Authority was successful in teaching humankind a dreadful lesson. But, humankind is after all a creation of the Authority itself, and so is immensely endowed with tools to wriggle out of this catastrophe, sooner or later. History would prove if, indeed, a precious lesson was learnt by humankind or not. Chinmay Chakravarty is a professional specialized in the creative area with over two decades of expertise in literary writing, networking co-ordination, film script writing, film dubbing, film & video manufacturing, direction of global movie festivals and editing of books & journals. Proficient in providing services in such related fields. Was an officer of Indian Information Service and superannuated in the post of Director, Press Information Bureau, Kolkata in November, 2019. Published his first solo publication’Laugh and Permit Laugh’ in 2017.

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